The Forgotten Realms

Welcome to the Forgotten Realms, where magic infuses every breath and ancient secrets lurk in the shadows. This is a land of endless adventure, where kingdoms rise and fall, and the brave etch their names into history.

Imagine vast forests teeming with mythical creatures, towering mountains, and seas whispering of sunken cities. Bustling cities brim with intrigue, while remote villages hide their own mysteries.

In this world, gods walk among mortals, magic shapes reality, and ancient ruins echo with forgotten battles. The promise of untold riches and forbidden knowledge lures adventurers into dark dungeons and treacherous peaks.

Welcome, adventurer, to the Forgotten Realms—a place where your legend awaits. Your journey begins now.

The Legends that came before

Since childhood, you’ve heard tales of The Legends, a revered group of adventurers celebrated for their bravery and skill. Their heroic deeds and unwavering commitment to protecting the realm from evil were known throughout the land. Names spoken with reverence, their triumphs filled your imagination, inspiring you to follow in their footsteps.

But every legend has its shadow. During a fateful mission, something went terribly wrong, leading to the ultimate sacrifice of one of their own. This loss struck deeply, leaving an indelible scar on The Legends. The exact details remain shrouded in mystery, spoken of only in hushed tones and sorrowful glances.

Once every five years, they vanish together, faces marked with solemn resolve. You know it has something to do with their fallen comrade, but not what they do during these absences. It’s a tradition cloaked in secrecy, a ritual you’re not yet privy to. Yet it’s clear that the memory of their lost friend binds them in a legacy of heroism and loss.

The Heirs

You are the Heirs, the next generation of adventurers, mentored by the surviving members of The Legends. Growing up, you heard countless tales of their heroic deeds and the tragic events that followed. These stories shaped your aspirations and forged a deep connection to your mentors.

Every five years, while your mentors vanished for their mysterious gatherings, you were left with each other. These times became pivotal, as you formed strong bonds and shared experiences, growing closer with every meeting.

Your mentors have differing views on your path; some encourage your adventuring spirit, while others worry you might face the same tragic fate. Yet, the pull of adventure is strong in each of you, and you are driven by a desire to prove yourselves.

Choose your Legend

You all grew up with one of the surviving Legends or you were the Heir to the Martyr before they passed.

All legends must be picked by the group, but you may share a Legend if you are more then four players.

The Obsessed

Driven by a desperate need to mend the past, The Obsessed scours the realms for lost secrets and forbidden knowledge, consumed by the thought of undoing the tragedy that haunts them.

Being an heir of the Obsessed means enduring a childhood of neglect, as your mentor’s unfulfilled ambitions and haunting obsessions left you lost in their absence.

The Supporter

The Supporter hides their grief behind a mask of cheerfulness and wild adventures. They act as if nothing is wrong, steadfastly supporting you and the new adventurers with unyielding optimism.

Being an heir of the Supporter means living a life on the edge of hope and despair, constantly awaiting the return of a mentor who was never certain to come back alive.

The Broken

Once vibrant and passionate, The Broken is now a hollow shell, their spirit crushed by The Martyr’s death. As their heir, you must care for them as much as yourself, bearing the weight of their profound grief.

Being an heir of the Broken means navigating a world of shattered fragments, where you became a caretaker of a fractured soul, learning resilience amidst relentless despair.

The Martyr

You’ve always heard about The Martyr, the hero whose unmatched courage and sacrifice left a deep void in The Legends. Their memory lingers like a haunting melody, a reminder of the price of heroism.

Being an heir of the Martyr means being left in the world, with the person you thought would be your rock shattered in tragedy, forced to find your own way.

The Exile

The Exile is an enigma, a mystery you’ve always pondered. Rarely spoken of by The Legends, their absence is a source of confusion and sorrow, leaving a void no one fully understands.

None of you will play an heir to the Exile

Your journey begins

The time has come for your mentors to leave on the journey they all take every five years, still as unwilling as ever to speak of the details.

You are left to your own devices facing a world where rumors are plenty about a new certain type of unrest in the Forgotten Realms, giant beings wreaking havoc on settlements all over the realms. These type of rumors are nothing new, but they are plentiful enough that you sense that there is truth to them.

Two days after their departure a messenger arrives with a wax-sealed note and to your surprise you find a letter from the Exile inside, bidding you to come speak with them of a matter of utmost urgency, a matter which he believes requires a new generation of heroes.